PalmeraLabs - Android Apps Privacy Policy

Data Collection

Palmera Labs apps do not collect any sensitive data from the user that should be protected.

The only data that could be considered personal is the email we collect through contact forms in case you need to reach us. And it is collected just for the purpose of contacting the user in any subsequent messages. Also your email does not get stored on databases, the contact form just sends a message to our email and we delete the email as soon as the issue is solved.

On the other hand some apps may connect to a PalmeraLabs server to request additional info for the app, this information is information about other PalmeraLabs apps. This action generates automatic anonymous logs on the server, but they are periodically deleted to save space. Also this log do not contain any personal data, just data about the connection.

Data Privacy

In any case, any data stored in the server (log data) follows the privacy policy guidelines by former Spanish Law (LOPD) and GDPR. Aso follows the new safe harbor policy, the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Phone Features required

The features requested depend on the utility of the app. This list includes all permissions that could be requested by our apps.

Some of our old apps making use of the "PhoneGap" framework for old android versions requested a full list of permissions including: microphone (RECORD_AUDIO), accounts (GET_ACCOUNTS), contacts & phone. These permissions were only requested due to the nature of the framework "PhoneGap" but the apps don't make use of the features involved with the permissions themselves.


In some apps in-app purchases (in-app billing) can be made to get access to more content or to more features (such as no displaying ads).

In some others you may be required to buy the app to use it.

In any case, refund is available. If you want a refund you can contact us through with your purchase id and ask for a refund.

Data Protection Officer

Carlos Rubio Martí - ES20045378G - Pintor Sorolla 46400 Cullera -

Updating, modifying, deleting data

Since there's no personal data stored in databases, there's no need to request update or deletion of such data.


We display ads in most of our apps through google admob platform, which is responsible of the content of the displayed ad based on their network.

Ads can be in banner or interstitial form, and we try to comply all admob rules. At some point some app could not comply due to admob policy updates, but we work actively to update the apps acordingly to the new policies.

Also apps are being adapted to comply with GDPR with tools available from google designed to comply with such regulation. They let you modify your ads preferences.


You can contact us for any other question, clarification or comment to, we'll be glad to help you